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"You Can Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime"

- Dave Kahle


International Recognition!

How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime has been…

  • Named one of the Top Five Business Books by getAbstract in the April, 2011 edition of Next, the customer magazine by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

  • Named one of the Top Five Business Books by Handelsblatt, the biggest German-language business and finance newspaper.

  • Named one of the top Ten English Business books in Austria by WirtschaftsBlatt, Austria’s only business daily.

  • Translated into Malaysian English, and available in Malaysia.

  • Translated into both Complex and Simplified Chinese, and available throughout China.

  • Translated into Latin American Spanish, and available throughout Latin America.

  • Available in Malaysian English in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • Available in a Kindle edition in Germany.

  • Available as a Kindle edition in Italy.

  • Available as a Kindle edition in the U. K.

Sound impossible? Well, it’s not. 


Maybe you want to sell yourself to a prospective employer; or maybe you want to attract more customers to your small business, or start an Internet business, or make more money in your current sales position.


There is a way to do it. Regardless of what you sell, who your customers are, or whether they buy from you in person, online or over the phone, there is a fundamental process that applies to every selling situation. If you can understand and master that process, you’ll be able to sell anything to anyone.


How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime unveils that process using familiar selling situations and everyday language ― making it easy for you to sell anything.


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Even veteran salespeople will discover insights in this book that unveil mysteries of how to help people buy. You’ll understand the sales process more clearly, and be equipped to implement it more effectively. You’ll be able to sell, and to sell better!

In How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime, you’ll learn:

  • 5 common misconceptions about sales that can derail your success
  • A powerful 6-step selling process you can use to sell anything
  • How to up your odds of making the sale
  • The single most important step to take in all your sales efforts
  • How to minimize risk in any selling situation
  • and much, much more!

Dave Kahle writes in a very accessible, conversational style that is easy to understand, and has a master teacher’s ability to make even difficult concepts easy to grasp and easier to implement. You’ll be eager to launch your own sales effort, or supercharge a current effort before you are half way through the book.


How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime is destined to be one of the classic sales books of all time. The world is full of sales books, but none have this depth of insight and real-world wisdom, made this easy to understand and easy to implement.


You’ll be amazed at how many ideas you gain to improve your sales, and how easy these powerful principles and practices are to implement. Before you are halfway through the book, you’ll want to rush ahead and develop your own selling system.


How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime reads like a well thought out business plan for selling, including the tools and methodology for executing the plan. Dave Kahle uses a common sense approach and situational examples that are easy for any reader to comprehend. This is a worthwhile book for anyone responsible for generating revenue.

Bruce Droge, Sr. Vice President
Barr-Thorp Electric Co.

Everyone is in sales in some form, and Dave Kahle blends theory and practice to provide a well organized primer on the science and art of selling that anyone can understand and put into action.

Deirdre Jones, Associate Director
Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales
Marketing and International Business Department
College of Business Administration, University of Toledo

It is amazing to me how many times a day it comes back to me when I am talking to people and give them advice that was in the book. Once published, I will buy one for every salesperson and every sales manager we have.  If you can't win after reading this, you need to be doing something else with your time.

Doug Rathbun, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Lumbermen’s, Inc.

There are a lot of books on sales out there, but there are only a hand full that can actually make you a better sales professional.  This is one of those books. Packed not only with solid, real world sales techniques, Dave's book goes beyond that giving you the reasons and psychology of what is really going on with your prospects.  Highly recommended.

Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales,
author of "The Real Secrets of the Top 20%"



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Incredibly powerful in its dissection of the critical path to success in sales! This book will revolutionize your thinking on sales and how you can really How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime!

Thomas Sudyk, CEO
EC Group International

This is not your typical book on "selling strategies". This book is about employing a well structured approach to providing your customers with a credible, value-enhancing business relationship. A relationship built on a foundation of trust, and then actually delivering something to your customers that makes them better. Follow Dave's road map and both you and your customers will benefit from it.

Tom B. Highley, CEO,
Tenon Limited

Don't tell my competitors about this book! It's packed with simple, timeless principles that are applicable to any product. Any service. Anywhere. It's a must-read for anyone that wants to sell something.

Greg Underwood
Virbac Animal Health

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Dave Kahle was the #1 salesperson in America for two separate companies in two different industries. Over the last 21 years, Kahle has perfected the art of sales systems.